Step 1: Set up an account at Facebook for Developers

Step 2: Set up the Facebook on POKKT mediation interface

Fill in the following information on POKKT's mediation set up page, based on values for your app on Facebook's dashboard.

POKKT’s mediation set up page for Facebook

  1. ClassName: This is the class name that you define inside your application to set up the network. Classname for the network can be set during SDK integration.

  2. Placement Id: The Placement Id of an app on Facebook's dashboard is used as an key for mediation. Choose the app on Facebook's dashboard, navigate to the Audience Network option on the left side of the screen and then select Placements where you will get the Placement Id.

  3. Test Device Id: This is only for test purpose. You need to get this from the debug log.

  4. ECPM: Put your expected value of ECPM which will in turn rank this network in comparison to other configured networks.

  5. Screens: For creating screen name, create screen name in Pokkt dashboard. Please check below screen shot.

Step 3: Configuration.

  1. Please download the mediation project from POKKT and it is recommended to use the same class file FacebookNetwork in your project. And if you want to do some changes please do those changes in same file.

  2. Add the "facebook_audience.jar" file into your project. Make sure to update your project's dependencies accordingly.

  3. Add the necessary permissions for Facebook as suggested in Facebook integration document to your application manifest.

  4. Add the recommended activities to your AndroidManifest.xml as suggested in Facebook integration guide.

  5. Add the necessary proguard details as suggested in Facebook integration guide if your app needs it.